Ultra Menu is a DHTML / JavaScript web menu builder
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UltraMenu is a web menu builder that uses DHTML/JavaScript. With this program you can easily build a navigation menu for websites even without any knowledge of DHTML or JavaScript development. It can generate all types of menus compatible with all common browsers including the Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari. It can generate cross-browser pop-up and drop-down menus as well. It has many templates included in it and you can customize such their attributes as layout, text, font style, link, background, animation effects etc. After the complete customization you can directly add these menus to your sites without bothering about the generated code.
UlttarMenu has a very user-friendly interface so any user without any development knowledge of scripting language can generate menus with this program very quickly. You can see the preview of the menu on the preview window or on the selected browser and you can customize it further if required. It has an inbuilt publish wizard which helps you to add the finally generated menu to the selected page of your website. At the same time, some resource files like images and scripts required by the menu can also be copied into the directories you specified during the publishing procedure.

Manoj Goel
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  • 40 templates included
  • Generated menus are compatible with all operating systems and browsers
  • Full customization support
  • Internal preview window with external browser preview support


  • Codes generated by this program may be hard to understand for further analysis
  • Generates some unwanted code which can slow down your website
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